Manufacture and export ceramic garden ware and household pottery items with several manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China


One of the oldest leading manufacturers and exporters of ceramic garden ware and household pottery items in Malaysia with several manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China and a central ceramic trading house, based in Penang We are also manufacturing offshore in Chaozhou, China, one of the provinces historically known to produce the finest porcelains

Asian Pottery’s far ranging and the ever expanding international market now covers Asia, Western Europe, North America, Australia, as well as South Africa. The Group has recently started its plan to expand its ceramic products selection to include manufacturing of ceramic hand moulds also known as ceramic glove hand formers, for use in gloves production The ceramics glove hand formers are a vital tool for the glove manufacturing process

Upon 1 - 2 years of its production commencement, the ceramic hand mould plant is expected to have a monthly production capacity of up to 2 4 mil pieces hand moulds

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Delivering High Quality Ceramics Worldwide

Pre-pricing Services

We provide Pre-Pricing Services such as barcode and other retail labelling to our products. Special in-store marketing packaging such as hang tags and pallet skirts are also offered upon requests.

Research & Development

The company is committed to pursue an aggressive research and development program to enable it to be market leader in innovation and product quality. This is to end the Company has invested in product development both in-house and in collaboration with various institutions of higher learning.

Custom Packaging

Most of our planters are packed in pallets or boxes according to customer preferences.

Large Distribution

Other than manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China, we have also invested extensively in warehouse and distribution support facilities that enable us to well pack our products to be shipped to every part of the world by container loads.

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