Distributing EVs and its related services business

Electric Vehicles(EVs)

Besides the EV itself, CSH Alliance will be involving in the below divisions in building the ecosystem to provide confidence towards users in the transitioning period.

Distribution of fully commercial electric vehicles (EVs) and providing 4S services (i.e. sales, service, spare parts and spray paint) in Malaysia. A 4S centre will be built that features a showroom and service centre to meets customers’ needs and expectation. Driving customers at the forefront as our utmost priority.

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EV Ecosystem

Supplying Charging Station

Charging stations essential in EV industry. Making a seamless ownership experience means making charging an effortless experience.

Energy Diversification

Solar panels will be part of the backbone in providing the energy to all EVs. Velocity Capital Partner is looking into partnering with local electricity company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), to build the

Spare parts business

Although EVs don’t have many parts as compared to ICE vehicles, however, the spare parts will also be an important element that customers will look into.

EVs - 4S Centre

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