Flexible and comprehensive financing solutions for personal financing, business start-up and expansion, project financing, etc.

Financial Services

Providing flexible financing schemes to cater for a broader range of customers and offering moneylending hire purchase services to those with limited access to banks and financial institutions through wholly owned subsidiaries, CSH Network Capital Sdn Bhd (“CSH Network”) CSH Priority Sdn Bhd (“CSH Priority”).

As at 31 September 2021, the total outstanding loan from the borrowers of CSH Network is approximately RM 140.31 million.

Increasing demand from individuals and businesses for financing from non bank financial service providers for various purposes such as personal financing, business start up and expansion, project financing and others.

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Financial Services

It is our continuous endeavour to be a trustworthy provider to our clients, helping them protect and grow their wealth, and achieve their business goals.

We’re focused on powering lives and the future of innovation.