Provide mid mile (point to point) services with delivery of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities.

Haulage Logistics

We are a specialist in express palletised collection and delivery within Malaysia We operate through over 28 hubs and depots catering to the current demand of logistic and courier company, Line Clear Express and Logistics Sdn Bhd with a total fleet of approximately 30 vehicles comprising of 19 tonnes and 39 tonnes bonded trucks.

We are building an alliance of renowned small to medium hauliers pallets deliveries and mid mile logistics players dedicated to offering a wide range of pallet delivery services to work together in completing the pallet delivery solutions offered.

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Benefits Of Our Logistics

Digitalized Transport

Distributed alliance that provides express palletised delivery within Malaysia using state-of-the-art IT solutions

Remote Management

All of our users have access to our digital platform where everything can be seen and managed remotely

Freight Listing Service

Through our mobile app, shippers & truckers can both find and management their next shipments in a standardised manner more efficiently.

Freight Brokerage Service

Shippers on our platform can enable truckers to receive and fulfill on-demand requests from shippers. Freight brokers can create contracts with shippers and match truckers to fulfill shipping orders.

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